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Cluckins Lechon Manok is the best lechon manok in the Philippines! Pag natikman mo, Mapapa – cluck cluck cluck ka sa sarap!

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About Cluckins Lechon Manok

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Hi there! We are Cluckins Lechon Manok! Without any doubt, one of the most famous national dishes of the Philippines is Lechon Manok. It became part of Pinoy’s culture and traditions for over 300 years. It’s always freshly roasted and is one of the healthier ways of preparing your food.

Cluckins Lechon Manok serves many lechon recipes, such as its classic Lechon Manok, Chicken Inasal, Lechon Liempo, Pork Sisig, Chicken Sisig, and Fried Chicken. On top of those said recipes, Cluckins Lechon Manok also offers different Pinoy Ihaw-Ihaw recipes such as Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQIsaw, and many more classic street food recipes.

Our Mission

Cluckins Lechon Manok only have one mission and that is:

“To provide great lechon recipes for ‘every Juan’ at a very affordable price.”

Our People

The people of Cluckins Lechon Manok are high quality service natives who are trained and certified (our requirement in joining our company) to meet different customer needs. We have committed ourselves to deliver the best experience and the most delicious meals to every guest at a very affordable price. We are composed of HR Assistants, Accounting Assistants, Field Auditors, Food Technologists, HVAC Technicians,Food Handlers, Promodizers, and Litsoneros making us a great addition to Cluckins Lechon Manok‘s high quality service.

Our history

How it all came to be…

Cluckins Lechon Manok was first opened in 2014 at Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It started its way to lechon manok business with only one goal – To provide great food for ‘every Juan’ at a very affordable price. The unique and competitive recipe of Cluckins Lechon Manok together with its great management and team sealed its way to popularity.

According to its founder – Mr. Radney Miranda, “Business success is simple but not easy”. Since Mr. Miranda was never a chef, cook, or food technologist by profession, and worst, he had no experience of managing a business, during its first year, Cluckins Lechon Manok had to close and reopen for several times. “I have to confess, I am very naive and young that time, I was just 21. I committed a lot of mistakes but with all of those trials and failures, I managed to prosper. It is important that you should have a burning desire to achive your goals. With desire, everything is infinite.” said Mr. Miranda.

From its very first outlet in Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Cluckins Lechon Manok had evolved and managed to expand its horizons by growing its outlets and adding different new concepts to its main business of offering Lechon Manok. All of its outlets are strategically located to be easily available to all consumers, from those living in rural provinces to those working in the most highly developed cities.

Nowadays, Cluckins Lechon Manok continues to innovate and provide the best of the best service to its beloved customers.

Lechon Manok

Lechon Liempo

Fried Chicken

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Afan Salvador Street, Santa Veronica (Pob.), Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3115

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Get ready to own the best-tasting lechon manok in the Philippines!

Cluckins Lechon Manok is continuosly seeking exceptional franchise candidates who bring the desire and resources to associate with our brand. We are offering Kiosk Takeout business model for franchise. Preferred locations are busy commercial and retail areas with high foot and vehicle traffic. If you are interested, Call or text 0977-3141003 or send us a private message thru our Facebook Account or send us an email at franchise@cluckinslechonmanok.com.

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Current Branch Locations

From its very first outlet in Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Cluckins Lechon Manok had evolved and managed to expand its horizons by growing its outlets all over Nueva Ecija.